Dreamy New Bridal Looks

For our current designs our B.A.B.E. team would like to feature our Dreamy Wedding Style with our Haute Mother of the Bride Couture.  Our young modern mother of the bride is more Chic and Trendy than ever, always stylish and beautiful, from ceremony to reception. 


As our new Modern Mother of the Bride steps in the room, she arrives with confidence and sheer elegance in black.  Black has been in style for weddings for some time now, and always looks tasteful and gorgeous at weddings.  Accessorized with Silver and Metallic this look is very Modern and Chic for our special Mother of the Bride style and look.  Description: Monique Zhang’s black mother of the bride dress is a silk bias cut v-neck charmeuse with chiffon shawl.



A lovely bridal portrait with Bride and Mother, Monique Zhang’s Bridal Collection is perfect for every season.  This beautiful collection is soft and dreamy in silk and chiffon.  Our guest photographer created magic with his camera for our photoshoot.  For this bridal shoot we used a simple pearl drop earring, which is always a classic and timeless look.  Sometimes less is more, in adding accessories for the finishing touches on a bride.  A single pearl drop is the most popular choice with our conservative brides, it is an elegant and timeless look.  A classic style that will always look beautiful on any bride, a simple bridal pearl drop earring is a refreshing look amongst all the glittering options.  It sometimes stands out more than large ornate sparkle.  It simply relays a refined look that is always beautiful on any bride.  As the editor of our bridal fashion blog I am always looking for new and creative inspiration.  We were recently invited to a bridal expo in New England.  Hosted by founder publisher and Editor in Chief of  Southern New England Woman, Pat Paolino Cruz in Warwick, RI at the Crowne Plaza, for those of you who missed it this year, it was a fabulous event.  As all the beautiful gowns came down the runway in the bridal show, the one element that made the biggest impression on me was the simple pearl drop earring.  Watching all the beautiful and glamorous jewelry coming down the runway, the element that resonated with me the most was the simple pearl drop earring.  It stood out amongst all the glitter, as if to say and confirm ~ Less is more, simple is glamorous and just as beautiful and elegant as all the Glitz and Sparkle.  Our new Bridal Jewelry Collection for Spring 2011 will focus around the simple yet always classic, timeless in style, pearl drop earring.  Starlite Jewelry Designs by Naomi King ~ Bridal Jewelry.



Monique added a beautiful silk rose to the bridal sash, vintage antique look with soft color.  Bridal sashes in cream and champagne have been all the hit on the runways for the last several seasons.  For this photoshoot Monique featured her beautiful sashes in this popular color.  For our December feature we will be showing more of our favorite colors for Spring and Summer 2011.  Our hair and makeup by Ethel reflects a soft and romantic palate of natural tones with smokey eyes, accenting our bridal models hair with handmade crystal accents.


 Elegant Bridal Couture ~ Featuring Monique Zhang’s Bridal Collection for Brides and Mother of the Bride ~ Romantic and Glamorous ~ San Francisco Bridal Elegance ~ MoniqueZ Signature Bridal Collection 2011


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