Vintage Eco-Chic Avant-Garde Bridal Designs

For this issue our B.A.B.E. team would like to feature our Bridal Avant-Garde Eco-Chic Style and Inspiration.  Focusing on our Vintage Antique expressions of Beauty. 

Going “Oh So Green” has never been more in demand with our younger, as well as older brides.  Our requests for Eco-Friendly affordable Couture Designs, Accessories, Beauty Products and Photography options has been extremely popular this year, and has steadily increased over the seasons.  Looking back on our most recent photo-shoot, we would like to share some of our most stylish pieces to admire.  


Vintage to modern lace, intricately embroidered.  Our couture bridal dress designer can have the finest laces tailored to your special request.  Whether it is an heirloom vintage lace handed down in a brides family or a hand selected antique or modern lace design, this is always an exquisite and timeless look, rich and provocative in detail.



Our jewelry designs are made with vintage and recycled materials that are tasteful and gorgeous for every bride.  Many of our customers have been requesting elegant recreations of heirloom jewelry to be re-made into something more modern and new to wear for their wedding.  Taking vintage pieces either precious or sentimental and making it into a new design is considered Eco Chic jewelry.  Understanding the terms and phrases of  Green Jewelry and Earth Friendly jewelry designs will be shared and discussed in detail for later issues.  Finishing bridal touches are equally as important for any bride, and we always ensure all our brides sparkle with just the right amount of Starlite.


Our couture designer’s hand tailored bridal cuffs are unique and artfully crafted.  With intricate details of craftmanship mastered over decades of professional experience in design, textiles and fashion, with exceptional taste.


 Our bridal team’s selection of floral bouquets and arrangements are hand selected by our team, using flowers in season, which is cost effective for our brides.  This gorgeous white floral arrangement with slight hints of yellow and cream added perfectly to our vintage style and concept for this bridal shoot. ~ Romantic and soft elements create the picture perfect look and balance, enhancing our brides elegant and regal beauty.  Our photographer’s skill and techniques in the art of photography are superb in capturing a brides radiance and exceptional beauty in fine detail.



 Our creative art director and bridal couture designer Monique Zhang has a very keen and skilled fashion eye for artistic flare which is Avant-Garde by nature, yet always refined and elegant.  Hand-tailored bridal gowns, accessories and affordable designs for the Modern Bride are a sensational look and style by MoniqueZ, dreamy and sometimes surreal the press has described her one-of-a-kind hand tailored original designs.  Many brides are hesitant in trying something new. ~ Be playful express your uniqueness on your special day, many modern brides are adding splashes of color and their own sense of style and indie-pendence to their most important and stylish day. ~ With Style & Elegance. ~ Your inner uniqueness is the Gorgeous Beautiful Woman You Are.  Your Bridal Style is Yours and Yours Alone, And It Is Forever ~ make it your own in a special way and show it off.  Whether it is something simple or extravagant, it is a part of you.  Celebrate and Enjoy Your Beauty With Your Own Unique Style.



We are currently in production for our next series of fresh new ideas and inspiration for the new bridal season, with a dedication for resourcing earth-friendly products and services.  In developing them ourselves or resourcing those in the industry that do.  As the current editor in chief to our blog and social media outlets, going green is not just a catch phrase or trendy stylish statement for us, but literally a dedicated way of life. Our core design team is based in San Francisco, and I myself recently moved to Rhode Island.  Our team’s perspective and contributions on Eco-Friendly fashion, has many depths and facets with a deep understanding and knowledge of texture in EcoFashion, Styles and Products.  Coming from the largest green technology based state California, to currently residing in the oldest and smallest green state Rhode Island, our design team will have lots more to share with our readers in coming months.  As we are now bi-coastal.  Our entire professional team has a career built and based on a glossy polished image and look, while underneath the style and glamour, is a down-to-earth team sincere in our dedication to contributing as much as possible, of our resources in educating, informing and sharing our expertise and knowledge in fashion, beauty, art and design.   As our team builds out our B.A.B.E. site we will be sharing with you more stylish details and concepts on our most coveted pieces of art, including those we trust, respect and admire in the industry.


2 Responses to “Vintage Eco-Chic Avant-Garde Bridal Designs”
  1. beautifully laid out site. I found you through a link on facebook, and i thought i’d introduce myself and my line. I use ONLY vintage and costume jewelry to create one-of-a-kind luxury swimwear. No two suits are ever alike 🙂 These suits are perfect for the destination bride, honeymooner, or anyone having a poolside fete. I’d love to talk to you more about them and how we can work together!


  2. Joann says:

    love the lace wrist piece- very vintage looking and so chic!

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