B.A.B.E. (Bay Area Bridal Elegance)


Your Cinderella Fairytale Wedding story begins here.  Every woman has a secret Cinderella fairytale wedding dream ~ What does your dream wedding style look like ~ True Beauty Radiates and Shines from within ~ How to radiate, reflect and show your inner beauty on your Wedding Day, is our focus ~ Let us share with you our very own Cinderella Fairytale Story, dream wedding style design and lookbook.  Created for each individual bride personally ~ Handcrafted, Exquisitely Designed, Professionally Styled Service. ~ Welcome to our first launch of B.A.B.E. (Bay Area Bridal Elegance) ~ Luxury Bridal Design Couture Services.         

       From the moment you step out to greet the most important day ~ B.A.B.E.          



Your special and most important day with all the beauty, elegance and joyful happiness should be captured in timeless elegance and graceful imagery.  For generations to come to admire cherish and love for all time.         


Welcome to B.A.B.E. (Bay Area Bridal Elegance) ~ Luxury Bridal Couture ~ Let us share with you our Cinderella Fairytale Styling Imagery and Designs ~ Every week our team will be posting more Beautiful Dream Images and Styling Advice, for you to enjoy.  To help encourage and inspire your very own special and unforgettable~ Bridal Wedding Dream.           

   As our B.A.B.E. Bride takes her first magical steps ~ displaying sophisticated style and timeless elegance of poise, grace and beauty.          

Our B.A.B.E. Bride arrives as in a dream, in sheer perfection and regal elegance.  With Joy, Happiness and the Ultimate in confidence her perfect look and style is flawless in appearance.  Shining and radiant in every gorgeous capture, our B.A.B.E. knows ~ The best is yet to come of a beautiful life filled with Joy and Happiness, beautifully captured to remember for all times.

2 Responses to “B.A.B.E. (Bay Area Bridal Elegance)”
  1. Beautiful photos!! It makes me look forward to the day I get married! Lovely website.

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